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ww-video-image.jpgWoodwizzard products provide the most complete and comprehensive wood repair system to permanently repair your rotted or termite damaged wood. Over the past 15 years Woodwizzards has been developing products to permanently repair faulty or damaged wood, avoiding the removal of other structural components such as roof systems, soffits and siding.  Repairing with Woodwizzard products equates to significant savings. In some cases, there's a savings of more than 300% over the cost of wood removal and replacement repair.

Architects and Engineers Click here for MSDS Sheets, and ASTM testing results.


Dear Arnie,

Nearly 2 years ago, faced with dry rot damage to structural members to our elevated 300 ft.deck, I was able to avoid expensive replacement of the deck by the use of $150 worth of Woodwizzards treatment (Bio-Cleaner, Board Defense, Liquid Resins, and Epoxy putties) and a LOT of sanding and elbow grease. I was pleased with the results.This month, faced with deck board and railing dry rot and carpenter ant damage, I again used the Woodwizzards treatment. I’m very pleased with the hardness of the cured product, and the ability to sand and paint it.

David E Frederick, PhD